Naturehike Zračne Vzmetnice Napihljive Vzmetnice Prenosni Kamp Mat Dvojno Spalna Pad Ultralahkih Zložljiva Postelja Potovanja, Spalne Mat

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  • Pojavljati Velikost: Zakonska 120x200x6.5 cm, Eno-59x195x6.5 cm
  • Debelina vzmetnice: o 6.5 cm (2,6-palčni)
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Zračne Vzmetnice Barve: Modra, Oranžna
  • Dampproof Mat Vrsta: Vzmetnice
  • R-vrednost vzmetnice: 2.1
  • Za Polnjenje Način: Zunanje Inflator Črpalka
  • Material: TPU
  • pakiranje velikost: Zakonska 12x30cm, Eno-10x30cm
  • Neto Teža: o 1000g (2.2 lbs)
  • Dejavnosti Na Prostem: Tabor
  • Številka Modela: Naturehike Zračne Vzmetnice
  • Blagovna Znamka: Naturehike
  • Splošne Rabe: zračne vzmetnice
  • Vrsta Kampiranje Mat: zračne vzmetnice

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Carpet-airplane-tibidoch-tibidoch. It's an agony. This is the second. The first one is still alive but he is cool that I do not want to go with others anymore.
In the photo: weight without a bag and a cover, and weight with a bag and in a case. Sent seller Fast, delivery by courier IML 1 week.
Zdorikova 89
It came in 2.5 weeks despite covide and Black Friday. Packaging and equipment are excellent. Pressure holds a few days. About 5 cm thickness. Lying does not crumble even on the side. Until spring I will not use, and you do not recommend. Not so much because of the lack of inside insulation, how much because of the fact that in the frost there may be microcracks at the seams. Product and seller recommend.
Only 11 days delivery to Spain. Pleasant to the touch. With the help of a bag, it is very easy to inflate. Inflated, slept on it 2 times at home on the floor. Of course it rushes a little. We need to think well about what to make it. Inflatable pillows about mattress also shushat. Wear a pillowcase or T-shirt on a pillow. Although from myself I recommend the pillows are small hiking (in the last photo). The more pillows the better;) they are not as compact as puffs. But comfort is provided. Mattress from the heart I recommend. But remember that it must be put on a litter of insulation material or folding mats from naturehike. They are still gentle and they need to be protected from punctures. I have all the camping equipment from naturehike!❤❤❤
Norms. The bag is not very convenient to inflate, the mouth is faster and easier. But at first glance everything is high quality. In general, I liked

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